ForMAX User Workshop January 23rd

We are pleased to announce the first ForMAX User Workshop on the 23rd of January, 2018.

MAX IV has together with academic and industrial partners recently secured funding for the construction of ForMAX – a combined scattering and imaging beamline for structural characterization of complex materials from atomic/molecular to mm length scales. A special focus of ForMAX will be novel wood-based materials, but it will also be open for other user communities. ForMAX is at the moment in design phase, and we are collecting the needs of the future user community.

At the first ForMAX User Workshop we will have inspiring talks by leading experts on small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS), scanning SAXS/WAXS, and tomography. We will also have briefings about ForMAX, the national research platform Treesearch (in Swedish) of which ForMAX is a part, and the ForMAX preproject. Finally, we will organize group discussions about your specific needs at ForMAX.

Registration for the workshop is free of charge and includes lunch and coffee breaks on January 23rd as well as dinner on January 22nd. For further details and registration for the event, see the ForMAX User Workshop website.

Please sign up and help make ForMAX a success!

Kim Nygård (MAX IV), Aleksandar Matic (Chalmers), and Daniel Söderberg (KTH)