Happy holidays from the newest MAX IV helper

A new robot helper is under development as a collaboration between RobotLab LTH and MAX IV. A couple of days ago it was finally able to say “hi” by drawing out our name. It is coming close to completion and the team are now only working on the final touches.

Lisa Klighav, LTH has as her master thesis project developed a robot to help the MAX IV survey, alignment and mechanical stability (SAM) team with so-called blue lining. The project advisor was Alina Andersson, research engineer at MAX IV. The blue lining is the first step in aligning equipment for example for a new beamline. It means a tedious job of measuring out and drawing the cad model on the floor with a marker. A much better job for the diligent new robotic helper. The best part is that it’s not upset if it makes a mistake or gets lost, says the team. It just returns to the middle of the room and continues drawing.

See videos of the robot and interviews with Lisa Klinghav (in Swedish) and Alina Andersson on http://robotics.lu.se/video/