Insights from the 31st MAX IV User Meeting

Insights from the 31st MAX IV User Meeting

PhD students at the 31st MAX IV User Meeting (from left:) Susanna Hammarberg, Pierre Munier, Virginia Boix, Evanthia Chatzigeorgiou, Giulio D Acunto, Greger Hammarin, Xiaocui Wang, and Smita Omkarnath Ganguly.


The 31st MAX IV User Meeting took place 23-25 September at the Scandic Star hotel in Lund. Joining other participants, the PhD students presented their work at the poster session. The student posters ranged widely in topic, and some from the group offered their insights on the meeting.


It is a nice opportunity to present the experimental results from the FemtoMAX beamline and discuss with scientists from different research fields during the user meeting. –Xiaocui Wang

This was my 3rd time attending the MAX IV User Meeting and presenting posters on my PhD project. It’s a great opportunity to meet members of my community and discuss my results. Although I work on Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering and I’m closely related to Veritas beamline, my favorite session was the one on Geology-Archaeology-Cultural Heritage this year. Very interesting content. I now wish to work on synchrotron applications on archaeology in the future! –Evanthia Chatzigeorgiou

What I appreciate most about these Users meetings is the opportunity to meet other users of the same beamlines you yourself work with. ­–Greger Hammarin