Joint MAX IV – ESS Science Colloquium

What: How do we inhibit a cancer metastasis-promoting enzyme? In the era of smart medicine and individualized drug regiments, we need to understand how drugs work on a molecular level. This talk focusses on the enzyme Carbonic Anhydrase IX which promotes cancer metastasis, and how it can be inhibited by small molecules. X-ray and neutron crystallography are used to elucidate the molecular basis of the desired inhibition, laying the ground-work for more effective cancer therapies with fewer side effects. Zoë Fisher Deuteration and Macromolecular Crystallization support lab, European Spallation Source Group Leader

When: 18 Septeber 2019, 15:15

Where: Conference room MAX III at MAX IV Coffee will be served at 15:00

Future Colloquia

16 October 15.15 at ESS: Johan Chang, Professor at University of Zürich

20 November 15.15 at MAX IV: Elizabeth Blackburn, Professor at Lund University