Lund Institute of Advanced Neutron and X-Ray Science – Imaging Theme symposium

Event Dates: 2017-12-18 to 2017-12-19   

We are pleased to announce the first LINXS symposium for the Imaging theme on the 18th and 19th December, 2017.

This event is targeted at existing and potential practitioners of x-ray and neutron imaging in Lund (LU, MAXIV and ESS) from acquisition through processing to application. The primary aims of the event are to identify the active community in x-ray and neutron imaging in Lund and to identify working groups for the LINXS-Imaging activities in 2018 (themed workshops, advanced study groups, hackathons).

This event will be your occasion to find out how you can be involved in LINXS and to identify potential project partners (e.g., to link experts in the mathematics of image reconstruction or analysis with researchers trying to extract meaningful information from their x-ray/neutron imaging data or to connect researchers with experts in different imaging techniques that could shed new/different light on their material challenges).

Participants are encouraged to participate actively in discussions and there will be the opportunity for selected presentations and, most importantly, for “clip session” presentations where researchers can give a snapshot of their research, their interests and their needs from the community. The clip sessions will be the means for participants to identify potential project partners. There will also be opportunities for networking and discussion to establish new connections.

Please note that there will be other opportunities to get involved with LINXS and so do not panic if the imaging theme does not fit you!

The event will be coordinated by the LINXS-Imaging core group that currently includes:

Chris Jacobsen, Argonne National Labs, Chicago, USA

Henning Friis-Poulsen, DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rajmund Mokso, MAX IV, Lund

Stephen Hall, LTH, Lund University

The meeting will start with lunch on Monday, December 18, at midday and continue until after lunch on Tuesday, December 19, (finishing around 3pm)

Registration for the meeting is free and will include lunch and coffee breaks.

For further details and registration for the event see the LINXS website:

Please sign up as soon as possible to help with logistics and to book your place in defining the future of x-ray and neutron imaging in Lund!