MAX IV Staff R&D Seminar: Alan Mak and Kasper Hörnkvist

Time: 13:00
Place: MAX III conference room

Simulation Studies of X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers

Aaln Mak

A free-electron laser (FEL) is a powerful light source, in which intense radiation is produced by a relativistic electron beam passing through an undulator magnet. It has a much higher radiation power than an electron storage ring, as a large number of electrons radiate coherently. It also opens up the opportunity to deliver x-ray pulses with a pulse duration of a femtosecond or shorter.

Numerical simulation is a useful tool for studying the physics of FELs. In this talk, I shall discuss my simulation studies on a hard x-ray case and a soft x-ray case. In particular, I shall discuss the sensitivity of the FEL power to the electron beam’s quality, and the use of undulator tapering to further enhance the FEL power.

Design of frontend components at  MAX IV

Kasper Hörnkvist, from Umeå University, is doing his master project here at MAX IV, which is presented in this talk.

It is easy to overlook the engineering challenges of each individual part in a synchrotron light source when struck by its impressive ensemble. The tasks of the frontend e.g. to trim an intense synchrotron light beam of several kilowatt power, to diagnose it and to switch it on and off become increasingly difficult as the light source becomes more and more brilliant.

This seminar will be focused on the design and optimization of the heat absorber. The presentation will include a brief explanation of the simulation model, which involves the finite element analysis of heat transfer, turbulent flow and solid mechanics. The presented results will be design proposals produced to meet the increased intensities from the new generation of insertion devices.  There will be also a discussion about the stress limits of OFHC copper components at MAX IV.