Max Perutz Prize awarded to former Director Sine Larsen

Max Perutz Prize awarded to former Director Sine Larsen


Sine Larsen, Former Director of MAX-lab, have been awarded the 10th Max Perutz Prize at the opening ceremony of the 31st European Crystallographic Meeting in Oviedo, Spain, where she gave her Award Lecture.

Sine Larsen, Professor Emerita of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen was Director at MAX-lab 2011–2012 when the building of MAX IV started. The Max Perutz Prize not only recognises her contributions within the fields of crystallography but also within development of synchrotron facilities.

– In the certificate which I received in addition to the €5000 it is listed “Sine Larsen was awarded the Max Perutz Prize for her multifaceted contributions to crystallography, including crystal structure analysis of organic molecules and proteins, charge density studies, the development of synchrotron radiation facilities, and important leadership roles served in crystallographic science and related disciplines.”

– I was extremely happy and grateful to receive the Max Perutz Prize at the recent ECM31 Congress in Oveido, Spain, in recognition not only of my scientific merits but also on my engagement in the development of synchrotron radiation facilities. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to the development of MAX IV and still have the opportunity to follow the continued development of the facility.

In the article Crystallography and large research infrastructures, a perfect marriage she gives an overview on how “synchrotron radiation has revolutionized structural biology”.

Sine Larsens research is in the areas of structural chemistry and structural biology, where her primary tool is X-ray crystallographic methods. She was Director of the Centre for Crystallographic Studies 1993-2004 one of the first 23 centres of Danish National Research Foundation. She was General Secretary and Treasurer of the International Union of X-ray Crystallography (IUCr) 1996-2005, and in 2008 elected president of the IUCr serving on the Executive Committee 2008-2014. Since 2003 she has been heavily involved in the large research infrastructures generating X-ray synchrotron radiation and neutrons. Between 2003 and 2009 she was Director of Research for Life Sciences at ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility). Presently she serves as a member of the advisory committees of several large facilities.