Progress report on Action Plan

The MAX IV Board submitted a progress report on the Action plan to the Swedish Research Council and the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University as of 6 November. It contains detailed report on changes already made or in the making as well as on more long-term developments needed to make MAX IV Laboratory open more beamlines to more users sooner.

– It has been some hectic weeks with a lot of work done both by the MAX IV Board and the MAX IV Management Team and I believe we now have a good and stabile platform from which we can start the implementation of a more efficient way of working, says Marianne Sommarin, Chair of the Board.

The progress report on the Action Plan describes how MAX IV handles the shortcomings identified in the review made on behalf of the Swedish Research Council in August 2018 concerning lack of professional project management, uncertainties in the command chain and delegation of responsibility within the organisation, including the MAX IV Board, and insufficient communication.

The progress report on the Action Plan can be downloaded here: VR_LU Report 06Nov2018.pdf. It will be the basis for decision on the 2019 – 2023 operating budget for MAX IV Laboratory, which will be taken by the Council For Infrastructures (RFI) at their meeting 21-22 November.