Reference Your Data with the DOI

Reference Your Data with the DOI

The DOI for data. credit: Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud (PaNOSC)


MAX IV Laboratory joins with other national and international photon and neutron (PaN) facilities to introduce the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The DOI is an assigned reference number designed to enhance global traceability for science publications—from experimental details and data sets to results and the scientists involved.

As a member of the ExPaNDS initiative, MAX IV is running the 5-year DataSTaMP project (Data Storage and Management Project), which aims to accelerate the transition to open data. The implementation of DOIs is one aspect of this project.

“DOIs are key in realizing the goal that data taken at MAX IV is FAIR and Open Data,” said Magnus Klingberg, Project Manager for the MAX IV DataSTaMP project. “Assigning a persistent and unambiguous identifier to digital objects related to an experiment, will enable the output from the research such as publication, datasets, and software to be found, shared and reused. Moreover, it will enhance the possibilities to work collaboratively across borders and scientific disciplines. To support the use of DOI’s is a great step towards the vision of EOSC, a federated digital ecosystem for research.”

Watch the latest PaNOSC video, and when available, be sure to add your digitally-assigned DOI to your study for citation.


What is the DOI for data?


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