Research and Rock ’n Roll Physics

“I’ve read that one of the criteria to get the honorary doctorate is that it’s given to people who have expanded their field in non-traditional ways. In the last 37 years I’ve done many things in a non-traditional way to get to the point where I am”, says Stanley Micklavzina, physics educator from University of Oregon.

Micklavzina received an honorary doctorate from Lund University just before the summer of 2019 and has collaborated with MAX IV on several outreach projects. Two examples are his physics show “the Quantum Show” and the MAX IV exhibition at the science center Vattenhallen in Lund. The latest collaboration project was developing a number of physics demonstrations together with Polhemskolan in Lund. Students from Polhemskolan showed the demonstrations at the open house of MAX IV in 2018.

In this interview, which was done during Micklavzinas recent visit to Lund and MAX IV, he shares his journey in science education, his projects, and thoughts on communicating science to the public.