Review committee congratulates MAX IV on immense progress in past year

The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), which funds the majority of MAX IV operations, conducted a review of MAX IV project management on 5-9 November 2020, the fourth since summer 2018. As previously, the 7-member review committee focused on the management of MAX IV accelerator and beamline projects and how MAX IV is handling the transition from the construction phase to the operation phase. This review also looked into the current status of science delivery and strategy for developing science programs at MAX IV. Download the full review here: VR Review MAX IV November 2020.pdf.

The review committee noted in the report that substantial progress has been made on several fronts since the last review in November 2019 despite the challenges of this year’s pandemic. Of note:

“The committee commends the scientific teams for their engaged and successful handling of the user operation during the pandemic, especially the fast ramp-up of remote and mail-in access.”

“… there has been an impressive amount of progress in the beamline program, with 10 beamlines now in operation (compared to 3 when this review series started) and 4 more beamlines being planned to be taken
into operation by the summer of 2021.”

The report also made several pointed comments and recommendations. In particular, it strongly encourages MAX IV to complete a 10-year strategy that defines the roadmap for:

”… developing a set of fully optimized beamlines for coherent science, enabled in completely new ways by the diffraction-limited x-rays offered by MAX IV.”

MAX IV is pleased with the positive outcome of the review and looks forward to addressing the review committee’s recommendations.