Strategy workshops: Upgrade of the “dirty matter” photoemission endstation at the FlexPES B-branch at MAX IV

Event Date: 2021-09-10  


In the context of the MAX IV process of developing a science-driven Strategy and Roadmap to guide our development during the period of 2023–2030, we are organising Strategy workshops to solicit community input to finalize the full strategy in the spring of 2022.

The EB02 endstation at the FlexPES beamline B-branch has a long and successful history, tracing its origins to beamline I411 at MAX II, nearly 25 years ago. It has catered to research within fields from fundamental photon-matter interactions in atoms, to studies of close-to-applied systems, e.g. solar cells. Changes in research interests of users, often towards environments with higher pressures/gas loads, and technical development motivate a review of the current capabilities and design, and we (beamline staff at FlexPES) would like to invite current and prospective users to a workshop to discuss how their research interests would be best served by a new photoemission endstation, regarding instruments, sample introduction systems, preparation facilities etc. One development we see as potentially very valuable would be to replace the current Scienta R4000 WAL spectrometer with a near-ambient pressure (NAP) photoelectron spectrometer, allowing a much larger range of acceptable operating pressures. This could benefit e.g. studies using liquid microjets and molecular beams, or outgassing solid samples, and even possibly allow in-situ chemical reactions.

There is also a parallel but independent initiative to replace the current planar undulator at FlexPES with an elliptically polarizing undulator (EPU). The availability of variable linear, circular or elliptical radiation would certainly affect the possible science at the beamline, so we additionally ask participants to consider what properties (what polarization characteristics, important energy ranges) would be important for them, and how variable polarization could benefit them in their research.

We warmly invite you to the virtual half-day workshop  “Upgrade of the “dirty matter” photoemission endstation at the FlexPES B-branch at MAX IV” taking place on the 10th September 2021 (13.30-16.00 CET). The short notice is motivated by the deadline for submitting “Expressions of interest” to be included in the MAX IV strategy road map document this year (November 18). We ask interested current or prospective users to contribute with short (3-5 min) presentations regarding what capabilities they would like to see realized in a new endstation, and how this will help them to further their research. If you would like to contribute, please contact Gunnar Öhrwall ().

Our goal is to have the endstation upgrade included in the MAX IV strategy roadmap document (see, so the aim of the workshop is to collect input from the research community regarding science cases which can be addressed with an upgraded endstation, and to establish a working group which will take the main responsibility for submitting a formal Expression of Interest.

WHEN: 10th September 2021 (13.30-16.00 CET)

WHERE: Zoom:


13.30 Introduction and welcome – Gunnar Öhrwall, scientist at FlexPES beamline

13.35 MAX IV strategy – Martin Stankovski, project manager at the Lund University Cooperation Office

13.45 Overview FlexPES + EB02 – Gunnar Öhrwall & Maxim Tchaplyguine, scientists at FlexPES beamline

14.00 Undulator upgrade to EPU – Alexei Preobrajenski, manager at FlexPES beamline

14.10 User presentations (confirmed so far: Nønne Prisle, Oulu University; Rainer Pärna, Tartu University; Arnaldo Naves de Brito, UNICAMP; Florian Trinter, FHI Berlin; Olle Björneholm, Uppsala University; Chunlei Wang, KTH; Johan Gustafson, Lund University)

15.00 Coffee break

15.10 Round table discussion (moderator Gunnar Öhrwall)

15.55 Closing remarks – Gunnar Öhrwall

16.00 End of meeting


We are looking forward to meet you online!