TAILOR 2018 workshop

Event Dates: 2018-06-11 to 2018-06-14   

The TAILOR 2018 workshop will be devoted to recent advances in operando investigation of reactivity at surfaces from both experimental and theoretical approaches. In the past 40 years, a number of experimental techniques (electron, photon, or scanning probe based), as well as theoretical methods, have been refined and adapted to allow operando studies. The TAILOR workshop aims at bringing together excellent scientists from those different communities, in an effort to promote exchange, communication and collaboration around this central idea: Studying well defined surfaces and interfaces under operando conditions. The aim of the workshop is to create a breeding ground for ideas by ensuring meetings between researchers, from academy as well as industry, within all aspects of catalysis, electrochemistry, battery research, reactive nano-surfaces.

The meeting will be organized at the Ystad Saltsjöbad Hotel in Ystad, Sweden on June 11-14 2018.

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Please note that the abstract submission deadline is Friday Mars 16th