The saga of MAX IV

Want to know how MAX IV came about? Well, now you can!

Nils Mårtensson, former Director of MAX IV Laboratory, and Mikael Eriksson, former Machine Director of MAX IV Laboratory are the authors of “The saga of MAX IV, the first multi-bend synchrotron light source“. The paper, published in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, describes how MAX IV was developed and realised.

Already from the beginning it was clear that the boundary conditions for MAX IV were tight. A new facility had to be squeezed into a relatively tight investment and operational budget, in order to be handled by a small country like Sweden. However, it was also clear that a new advanced facility would anyway require a budget exceeding any other national project in Sweden. For this reason it was obvious that a new facility had to have a unique performance. A successful project also required that it had to be well established within the Swedish research community. Furthermore, the project had to be developed in tight contact with the funding agencies.

In this video, made in connection with the inauguration of MAX IV in June 2016, you can hear Nils and Mikael and other key persons describe the history of MAX-lab and MAX IV.

MAX IV DOKUMENTÄR from MAX IV Laboratory on Vimeo.