Visit by Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet

Visiting us last Friday was Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet, brought by our colleague from the National Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy, Reine Wallenberg, here with Director Christoph Quitmann explaining the technology which makes MAX IV unique.
The research done by Jacques Dubochet and his co-laureates, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson, brought the cryo-TEM technique to a level allowing atomic resolution determination of protein structures in solution. This was achieved thanks to several improvements, of the sample preparation done by vitrification of water samples, of the microscopes using aberration correctors, and of the data analysis making intense use of computer for recombining images and obtain high resolution 3-dimensional structures. The structures obtained are comparable in resolution to that obtained by X-ray diffraction as can be done at BioMAX. 
More about the nobel price in Chemistry 2017 and details of the improvements to the technique:
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