What we can do with new light sources

Event Date: 2018-04-23  

Seminar 13:00–14:00 in MAX III by Prof. Kiyoshi Ueda, Tohoku University, Japan

The talk will address how new-generation accelerator-based light sources, such as low emittance synchrotron radiation sources and x-ray free electrons lasers, can contribute to not only basic sciences but also sciences of societal relevance, based on my personal experiences of existing cutting-edge light sources and the planned new light sources.

Prof. Ueda leads a research group at the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials in Tohuku University, Sendai, Japan. He is an internationally recognised expert in synchrotron radiation based Atomic Molecular Optial (AMO) physicals chemistry and has, in recent years, led or participated in many pioneering AMO spectroscopy experiments at the new free electron laser facilities (LCLS, SACLA, FERMI). He has been the principal investigator in a major project developing the AMO experimental basis for the SACLA facility in Japan.