Workshop: DiffMAX & electron spectroscopies opportunities for material research

Event Dates: 2017-03-22 to 2017-03-23   

This workshop is co-organized by MAX IV, Lund and Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala.

DiffMAX is a beamline project aiming at meeting the needs of material research using the MAX IV source in the hard x-ray range (3-45 keV).

In its current conceptual description, DiffMAX offers two experimental stations, one providing excellent capabilities for powder diffraction (PXRD), and one flexible station equipped for receiving large experimental environments and with flexible and high spatial accuracy detector positioning allowing for grazing incidence diffraction and scattering techniques on solids and liquids (SXRD, GIXD, GISAXS, Reflectivity). Thanks to its flexibility, the second station will also allow other types of diffraction/scattering experiment (High pressure or single crystal for example). In addition, the possibility to add a HAXPES capability is under study.

The philosophy of the beamline will be to provide a competent and fertile environment to foster and exploit innovative ideas and measurement techniques for all types of material sciences.

Purpose of the meeting: We want to gather scientists interested in material science with X-rays using diffraction methods or spectroscopic methods (or both) to 1) see examples of XRD/PES combinations presented by invited speakers and 2) discuss how we can use the combination of techniques to do new science at the proposed DiffMAX beamline.

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