Updates to the MAX IV 3 GeV Storage Ring Lattice
Last revised: June 14, 2012
Author: Simon C. Leemann
The MAV IV DDR [1] chapters on linear and nonlinear optics (Sections 2.2 and 2.3) of the 3 GeV storage ring have been based on the 20090601 lattice. There have been two recent updates to this lattice branch: lattice version 20090901 (changes documented in [2]) and the latest version 20091125 which is now being made avail- able [3]. The changes made in version 20091125 are minor are involve girder marker definitions to properly model errors with Tracy-3. Therefore, the OPA lattice files remain unchanged at version 20090901. This note details the changes made between versions 20090901 and 20091125. Since these changes involve markers only, all of the information previously given in the DDR and the conclusions drawn from it remain valid. A table with all current lattice versions is included at the end of this note.