Pulsed Sextupole Injection for the MAX IV 1.5 GeV Storage Ring
Last revised: June 11, 2012
Author: Simon C. Leemann
This report investigates the use of a pulsed magnet for injection into the MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring. Such an injection would not require a local injection bump (likely spanned across several achromats) and thus avoid alignment and synchro- nization issues associated with the four kickers and four pulsers of a conventional injection scheme. The conclusion is that a pulsed sextupole (half-sine pulse with base τ = 0.64 μs) with an integrated strength of (b3L) ≈ 47 m−2 installed at begin- ning of the third straight is sufficient for injecting into the MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring. For two-turn injection (half-sine pulse with base τ = 1.3 μs) the strength requirement can be reduced to (b3L) ≈ 32 m−2. Such an injection should be trans- parent to the beamlines. Hence frequent low-charge top-up shots become possible allowing for almost perfectly constant stored current in the machine.