Updates to the MAX IV 1.5 GeV Storage Ring Lattice
Last revised: June 11, 2012
Author: Simon C. Leemann
As a result of detailed magnet [1] and vacuum [2] design work, the lattice for the MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring has been modified. The lattice files have been updated: a new 20120313 branch [3] will replace the previous 20111102 branch. The updated lattice uses the same slice model as the previous branch (albeit with minor modifications to the focusing gradients in order to restore the desired tune and straight section optics), but sextupole positions and strengths have changed slightly. Therefore, nonlinear optics have been re-optimized. This note summarizes the changes in the new lattice branch and attempts to investigate performance and error-tolerance of the new linear and nonlinear optics. In this sense it can be con- sidered an update of the DDR chapter on beam dynamics in the 1.5 GeV storage ring [4]. The note concludes with a list of current lattice files and their purpose.