Updates to the MAX IV 3 GeV Storage Ring Lattice
Last revised: January 29, 2014
Author: Simon C. Leemann
The optics for the MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring have been modified and the official lattice has been updated. The new 20121107 branch [1] will replace the previous 20111213, 20111124, and 20110117 branches. The optics change has resulted from slightly modified field distributions in the dipole slices. The field distribution in the slices used in the updated lattice now properly resembles the distribution in the magnet design’s 3D model [2] which is the basis for magnet production. Although only minor changes to the gradients in the dipoles and quadrupoles were required in order to restore the design linear optics, some lattice properties have changed and the nonlinear optics have been re-optimized to restore the design performance. This document describes the linear and nonlinear optics changes. Performance of the lattice is re-evaluated and a summary is included in this note. A list of current official lattice files and their purpose is appended.