High-Chromaticity Optics for the MAX IV 1.5 GeV Storage Ring
Last revised: June 4, 2014
Author: Teresia Olsson
In case of instability issues during commissioning there might be a need for operating the MAX IV storage ring at a higher chromaticity than given by the design optics. The performance of an optics with linear chromaticity +4 in both transverse planes has been studied for the MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring. The possibility to operate such an optics in the real machine has also been examined. The studied high-chromaticity optics candidate was achieved by only brief optimization and by studying the performance of this optics the need for a more thorough optimization could be evaluated. The performance of the studied candidate for high-chromaticity optics is consid- ered good. No problems with the injection process are expected due to imperfections and the reduction of Touschek lifetime is small. The performance of the sextupole magnets in the MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring remains to be studied in detail, but it is expected that they should be able to produce the gradients required for the studied high-chromaticity optics, possibly with a substitution of power supplies. However, if in the future a more in-depth optimization of the high-chromaticity optics is desired the performance of the sextupole magnets has to be studied in greater detail to verify that they can produce the required gradients.