User Meeting FLYER


The User Meeting aims to  create an interesting and valuable meeting for all concerned in consultation with MAX IV scientists, FASM (our users organization), SSUO/ESUO (the Swedish and European user organizations) as well the Swedish Universities through the MAX IV Universities Reference Group (URG) and the ESS. MAX IV now has both the 3 GeV and 1.5 GeV storage rings in operation and calls  for normal proposals for structural biology, spectroscopy and nanoscience  on BioMAX, HIPPIE and NanoMAX beamlines, respectively. A new Commissioning Experts call is now opened. All together this has lead to the 2018 contents of the 30th MAX IV User Meeting – Coherent Visions.

We would appreciate if you could display  the User Meeting FLYER on your institution announcement board.

Thanks for your cooperation and looking forward to meeting you in Lund.