Tackling Environmental Challenges

Parallel session 26A-TEC
Tuesday 26 October 13:00-17:30
Meeting room: Brainstorm


Under the umbrella Tackling Environmental Challenges this session collects transformative science areas all from environmental, atmospheric, climate to sustainability. The aim of the session is to together advance the ongoing TEC strategy work.


Program outline 

13:00 TEC strategy work overview (working group)

13:15 Invited speaker “Environmental sciences” Satish C. Myneni (Princeton) “Probing Chemical  Speciation, Reactions and Rates in Earth and Environmental Systems using  Synchrotron X-ray Methods: Current Status & Future Opportunities”

13:40 Invited speaker “Sustainability” Lars Wågberg (KTH) “New materials from the forest based  resource”

14:05 Invited speaker “Atmospheric sciences and Climate change” Deliang Chen (GU) “Grand Challenges related to atmospheric science and climate change during the next  decade”


FIKA 14:30 –15:00


7 x 10+5 min talks from user community

15:00 Nonne Prisle (Oulu) “Atmospheric research at synchrotron facilities: milestones and  future needs.”
15:15 Calle Preger (LTH) “An aerosol sample delivery system for in-flight aerosol studies at  MAX IV”

15:30 Michiel Op de Beeck (LU) “At the interface between fungal cells and soils”

15:45 Yvette Heimbrand (SLU) & Karin Limburg (ESF)  “Fishes as mobile monitors of worsening conditions in the Baltic Sea”

16:00 Carin Sjöstedt (SLU) “Improved knowledge on metal speciation in soils to optimise risk assessment and remediation of contaminated areas”

16:15 Helena Filipsson (LU) “Messages from the past oceans to inform about the future:  synchrotron-based approaches”

16:30 Shun Yu (RISE) “X-ray characterization of biobased materials for applied researches:  status, needs and wishes”

16:45 Break, leg stretcher

17:00 Discussion 30 min

17:30 End of session


Session chairs: Kajsa, Noelle & Kim