Participants fees

Onsite participation. Banquet included in all fees

General participant                            2 500 SEK

Students  no poster                           1 300 SEK

Students with poster                          900 SEK


Online participation

General participant                            500 SEK

Students  no poster                           300 SEK

Students with poster                          Free


Exhibitors and sponsors

(Swedish companies add 25% VAT)

Exhibitors (2 persons incl banquet)      8000 SEK

Sponsors                                              4000 SEK


Please note that you cannot pay at the registration desk at the venue.


MAX-staff                                                                           Free

Former Directors                                                                Free

Chair of Board, SAC, MAC, PAC, URG                             Free
(Members of the committees and board
are paying as general participants)

Invited speakers                                                                 Free
(Reimbursement for travel & housing)