Tuesday, October 26th 13.00-16.30 @ MAX IV 33rd User Meeting – MAX IV in focus –


About the workshop

New generation synchrotrons combined with recent developments of ultrafast detectors has lead to unique possibilities to track industrial materials, processes and devices in real-time (operando conditions). This session combines views from industry, synchrotron facilities, and researchers. The needs, challenges, and outlooks from industry representatives will be presented followed by an overview of current state-of-the-art operando diffraction capabilities that can meet these challenges, presented by large-scale facility scientists. Finally, academic researchers will present ongoing and future projects where in-situ/operando synchrotron diffraction is used to address industrial collaborations.


If you are registered for the User Meeting you can join the workshop. Haven’t registered yet? Register for the 33rd MAX IV User meeting – MAX IV in focus- here. Deadline for on-site participation registration is 11th October and online participation is 18th October.


Schedule and speakers

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13:00Welcome: Industry at MAX IVMagnus Larsson, MAX IV
Magnus Fredriksson, Alfa Laval AB
13:20Future of operando studies at MAX IVMagnus Hörnqvist Colliander, Chalmers
William Brant, Uppsala University
1st session Chair: Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander
13:30New industry opportunities and needsAnna Wenemark, Alfa Laval AB
13:50Operando X-ray Diffraction during Laser-Based Powder Bed FusionSteven Van Petegem, Paul Scherrer Institute
14:10Operando observations of hydrogen induced degradation of duplex steelAlfred Larsson, Lund University
2nd session Chair: William Brant
15:00A case study – Ni(OH)2 hysteresisJenny Axén, Nilar AB
15:20Lots of photons and what to do with them… X-ray diffraction radiography and tomographyAlexander Schoekel, DESY/Petra III
15:40Insights into ageing mechanisms of Ni-rich NCA in state-of-the-art commercial high-energy Li-ion cells: In-house characterisation and large-scale facilities opportunitiesAnastasiia Mikheenkova, Uppsala University
16:00Opera – A proposal for a new beamline at MAX IVMagnus Hörnqvist Colliander, Chalmers
16:10Open discussionMagnus Larsson, MAX IV

Contact the organizers

The workshop is hosted by Chalmers, Uppsala University and MAX IV’s Industrial Relations Office. For enquiries, please contact:

Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander
Senior researcher, Microstructure Physics

William Brant
Associate Professor at Department of Chemistry

Magnus Fredriksson
Program Manager

Magnus Larsson
Head of Industrial Relations Office

+46 72 554 63 09


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