MAX IV beamlines status and Students science


15.00MAX IV accelerator statusPedro Fernandes Tavares
15.04Pseudo single bunch through Transverse Resonance Island BucketsDavid Olsson
Chair Imaging (15.10-15.35)Karina Thånell
15.01NanoMAXAlexander Björling
15.05How light moves ions. A multimodal X-ray diffraction and Photoluminescence study on the phase segregation of MAPb(I1-xBrx)3Klara Suchan
15.06MAXPEEMAlexei Zakharov
15.10SoftiMAXJörg Schwenke
15.14Support labs: MicroscopyStephan Appelfeller
Chair Hard X-rays (15.30-16:00)
15.31CoSAXSTomás Plivelic
15.35ForMAXKim Nygård
15.39DanMAXMads Ry Jørgensen
15.43Extracting Structural Motifs from Pair Distribution Function Data of Nanostructures using Interpretable Machine LearningAndy Sode Anker
15.44FemtoMAXDavid Kroon
Chair Hard X-rays (16.00-16.20)
16.01BioMAX Ana Gonzalez
16.05MicroMAXThomas Ursby
16.09BalderKonstantin Klementiev
16.13Local chemical ordering in refractory high entropy nitride and its impact on superconducting propertiesRui Shu
ChairSoft X rays (16.30-16.55)Balasubramanian Thiagarajan
16.31FlexPESAlexei Preobrajenski
16.35The origin of enhanced O2+ production from the (CO2)n2+ cluster dicationSmita Ganguly
16.36FinEstBeaAMSAntti Kivimäki
16.40Photodissociation dynamics of halogenated aromatic molecules: the case of core-ionized tetrabromothiopheneLassi Pihlava
16.41BLOCHCraig Polley
ChairSoft X rays (16.55-17.30)
16.56HIPPIEAndrey Shavorskiy
17.00Two and four e- ORR routes: H-bonding and the elusive hydroperoxyl intermediateFrancesco Armillotta
17.01In situ APXPS characterization of Al2O3 supported NiMo catalystSabrina Gericke
17.10SPECIESEsko Kokkonen
17.14LDMNoelle Walsh