Since 2013, MAX IV Laboratory awards one PhD work of outstanding quality.

How is the MAX IV PhD Thesis Award organized?

Participation conditions

The fist step is that the PhD is interested in participating in the MAX IV PhD Thesis Award competition. If that’s the case, please check here the participation conditions and the criteria to be eligible for the award:

  1. The work in the thesis must be relevant to MAX IV, i.e. the work must be based
    fully or partially on research performed at Max-lab or MAX IV laboratory, across
    any discipline, method, technique or application of synchrotron radiation.
  2. The thesis must be defended during the period: 26 July 2019 – 26 July 2021. Exceptional two years time interval!!.
  3. The winner of the PhD Thesis award, agrees to present their PhD work  (15 mins + 5 mins questions ) at the User Meeting.
  4. The nomination documentation must be complete and submitted by the specified deadline: 23:59 (CET) Monday 6th  September 2021.

Nomination submission

The second step requires to register on the MAXIV PhD Thesis Award 2021 nominations registration form. The registration form will be open from the User Meeting registrations site.

We encourage the award-eligible PhDs to register his/her own nomination. Alternatively,
the PhD supervisor can send a nomination by email to MAXIV – usermeeting, with
the subject MAX IV PhD Thesis Award 2021. In either case, the nominations is finalized from the PhD Thesis Award registration form under the User Meeting registrations site.
The following are the steps and documentation to finalize the nomination:

  1. Download and complete the MAX IV PhD thesis award Nomination Form template. The purpose of the nomination form is to help us to assess the thesis and the work.
  2. Upload your Nomination Form
  3. Upload a letter of support from a relevant senior academic (candidates
    supervisor, head of department or other relevant senior person who has experience
    of the candidate and their work)
  4. Upload a PDF copy or a link to the thesis. In addition, MAX IV would greatly appreciate it if the PhD thesis is also uploaded to the DUO system.  Please read why under the DUO database note below.


The deadline to submit a nomination is by 23:59 (CET) Monday 6th  September 2021.


Selection process

The PhD Thesis will be evaluated by a Review Committee appointed by the MAX IV User Office and supported by the MAX IV management.

The evaluation guideline criteria are:

  • The quality and impact of the work within the context of the field.
  • The quality and capability of the candidate based on the thesis manuscript and associated published work.
  • The contribution of the PhD student to the research work in their PhD thesis (as indicated by the “Authors contributions” information provided in the thesis and in the submitted list of associated publications).


Decision and award

The winner of the MAX IV PhD Thesis Award 2021 will be welcomed to give an oral presentation on the PhD research. The award includes a monetary prize, the equivalent of 5000 SEK.

All participants will be informed of the result of the selection process at least a week before the user meeting.  The selected PhD graduate will be contacted for further arrangements and possible options, for either a virtual or on-site presentation.


DUO database

We take the opportunity to acknowledge all PhD thesis and Master thesis that used the MAX IV facility on their research.
For statistics purposes MAX IV values that all PhD and Masters works that are a result of a beamtime at MAX IV, be uploaded in the MAX IV DUO system. This is something that can be done by the authors themselves in DUO using the link ‘Thesis report’ on the user home page.

We are most appreciative to all those who upload their work!