MAX IV Laboratory always encourages student participation at the User Meeting. Our aim is to offer the opportunity for students to gain visibility for their work and ideas, facilitating their integration into the research community and allowing them to initiate/develop networking within the synchrotron radiation research community. Preparing a quality poster and/or a clip presentation, not only demonstrates their expertise in their subject matter, it also deepens the understanding of the topic and encourages active discussion with the student researcher.

Note!!: Unfortunately we regret to inform that the initially announced hybrid poster session will not take place. The poster session will only take place at the Scandic Star hotel, Lund.

The traditional poster session is this year complemented with a hybrid poster initiative. For those students who might not be able to attend in person the poster session we offer them to hang their poster at the poster exhibition room. In turn we ask you to be virtually available during the porter session for the participants to contact you. More details will be provided closer to the date.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the MAX IV Students Science Award 2021 competition with includes their availability for one minute clips presentations of their work.

How is the Students Science Award organized?

Participation conditions

The fist step is that the student is interested in participating in the MAX IV Student Sciene Award competition. If that’s the case, please check here the participation conditions and the criteria to be eligible for the award:

  1. The main requirement is to have already used MAX IV or to have a sound experimental idea that you want to propose for implementation at MAX IV. In the latter case, it is mandatory to present a well-formulated plan indicating the relevant beamline/accelerator, the scientific aim and the proposed experimental method.
  2. The participant should agree to be available to discuss their work with the adjudicators. This is intended as a means to enhance scientific discussion with the student as would be the case with the usual ‘poster session’. Participants will be informed in advance in case of that being necessary.
  3. All students participating on the Students Science Award competition are eligible to present a 1 minute clip presentation of their work. Therefore they are all being asked to agree with their availability for being selected.
  4. Furthermore, the winner of the MAX IV student science award, agrees to present their work  (15 mins + 5 mins questions ), at the User Meeting.
  5. The participation material must be complete and submitted by the specified deadline: 23:59 (CET) Monday 6th  September 2021.

Participation submission

If you are interested, the second step requires to register on the MAXIV Students Science Award 2021 initiative registration form. The registration form is found under the User Meeting registrations site.

The following are the steps and material necessary to participate on the Students Science Award competition:

  1. A one minute clip of your research. This is mandatory to be eligible for the clips presentation on Monday 25th and for the award. The deadline to have your clips submitted is Monday 6th September 23:59 CET.
  2. Your poster in PDF format.
  3. A pictorial abstract. This will be used as icon or thumbnail to link to the material you submitted.


If you like, you can read further guidelines under the “Tips and forms” section on the left-hand side menu on the  User Meeting registrations site.

If you have further questions, please contact us by email to MAXIV – usermeeting, with the subject MAX IV Student Science Award 2021.

Selection process

The submitted clips will go through a selection process. The User Meeting organizers and a team of three external adjudicators will take the responsibility of deciding:

  • which clips presentations will be included alongside with the MAX IV groups’ clips and Q/A session on Monday 25th October and
  • which one will receive the award and have a 15+5 minutes slot to present her/his work at the User Meeting.


The evaluation guideline criteria are:

  • The capability of the candidate to summarize and explain the work on the clip and the poster.
  • The quality and quantity of the contribution of the student to the research presented based on the content of the submitted material.
  • The quality and impact of the work within the context of the field based experimental results and associated impact statement.

Decision and award

All participants will be informed of the result of the selection process at least a week before the User Meeting.  The selected ones will be contacted for further arrangements and possible options, under the COVID-19 restrictions, for either a virtual or on-site presentation.

The winner of the MAX IV Student Science Award 2021 will be welcomed to give a oral presentation at the User Meeting. The award includes as well a monetary prize, the equivalent of 5000 SEK.

The other selected students will be invited to present a 1 minute clip on Monday 25th October.

All the students posters and clips can be made accessible from the meeting website with the student´s consent.