About the 2021 User Meeting


The 33rd MAX IV User Meeting – MAX IV in Focus – will host several sessions and satellite workshops covering users research at MAX IV and scientific opportunities including new beamlines or other major instrument proposals.

The User Meeting  is being organised while MAX IV is developing its 2023-2030  science strategy. It is important that the user community takes part in both activities and it’s also important that this on-going process is as inclusive and transparent as possible. In practice for the User meeting this implies that your input and feedback is essential and the contributions submission forms are tailored using the current understanding of the strategy draft.

We aim at reaching and engaging everyone, the user communities and new interested persons or collectives, on a common core purpose which we hope to trigger with these two questions:

  • Where are we and where do we want to go?
  • Which developments and beamlines, emerging science areas and technologies are necessary to fulfil your needs and reach your vision for MAX IV in 2030?


Get involved. Your input and feedback is essential.

Various registrations forms and call for abstracts are available for you to get involved in one or more different ways. Direct links to each of them are on the right-hand side quick links.

All of them are equally essential but we want to bring your attention to the most unusual one: Your input will help to refine the User Meeting program“. Through that form you can let us know your ideas, question, concerns, research needs, or anything else you would like from MAX IV. We´ll do out best to integrated your expressed interest on the User Meeting program. Please read more on this registration form.

That said, please submit as well your abstract for a oral or poster contribution.
In addition, students are warmly encouraged to participate on the User Meeting awards competitions. These are the  Students Science initiative to compete for the Student Science Award  and the PhD Thesis Award nomination to be eligible for the PhD Thesis Award.

The MAX IV User Meeting organization warmly welcomes companies interested in MAX IV, whether former exhibitors, already suppliers or new potential vendors for MAX IV to engage becoming sponsors of the 33rd MAX IV User Meeting – MAX IV in Focus -.

The why and what of the registration forms template.

In line with the purpose and scope of the meeting, three mandatory entry-fields (tags) have been included through the call for abstracts and registrations forms. The practical purpose of gathering that information  is to help us to organise the different sessions. The three tag-groups are:

a) Beamline or other instrument/group.
b) How this relates to the strategy draft content?
c) Impact statement. Does it relate to a SDGGreen deal policy area or other type of global impact?

For each tag group there is also a free text field to allow you to comment on your choice and /or to expressed which other item or aspect has not been included. Find more details under the submission forms and instructions.

In addition, we aim that this small effort that you invest on this exercise, will bring light to the interconnected landscape of disciplines and techniques within the current and future MAX IV user community while providing insight into the impact and connection of MAXIV and society. At this stage, the outcome here might or might not be crucial but it will certainly be interesting and useful.

Once again we look forward to gather/reunite the existing communities that will not only continue to benefit from MAX IV but also contribute to drive and promote future new scientific opportunities. Which developments and beamlines, emerging science areas and technologies are necessary to fulfil your needs and reach your vision for MAX IV in 2030?


Since 1988 …

Since 1988, the MAX IV user community has been, regularly and actively engaged tailoring the annual user meeting contents and format to create a valuable and interesting MAX IV user meeting, by facilitating participants, within and across different fields, the opportunity to discuss, learn and also contribute towards the best use of MAX IV.

The current portfolio of 16 beamlines was conceived by and driven with the impetus of the user community and their visions. From experience we know that a 10 years perspective is a reasonable time frame to go from vision to reality. This requires involvement from experienced synchrotron light users; reach out and train the next generation of scientist and industrialists; and broadening to new communities.

MAX IV USERS, meetings and milestones

2020 and 2021 has been especially difficult years for synchrotron users in general. The MAX IV user community is being promptly updated on the facility access, COVID-19 restrictions and safety measurements: COVID-19 information concerning MAX IV and MAX IV policy for re-scheduling of Covid-19 affected beamtime. It is important to be on the same page in order to react and  adapt to find flexible solutions which allow us all to continue conducting experiments at MAX IV.