Ultrafast x-ray science using SXL at MAX IV

Satellite meeting: Thursday 28 October (09:00-13:00)


Public Zoom-link to the meeting:


Chair: Per Eng-Johnsson

9.00-9.10: Welcome & introduction

9.10-9.30: Pedro Tavares: The Soft X-Ray Laser @ MAX IV

9.30-10.00: Jon Marangos: Measurement of ultrafast dynamics with X-rays

10.00-10.30: Steve Johnson: Perspectives for studying coupled order parameters in materials with soft (and hard) x-rays


10.30-11.00: Coffee


Chair: Jonas Sellberg

11.00-11.30: Nora Berrah: Probing C60 Dynamics in Real Time from Within with Free Electron Lasers

11.30-12.00: Daniela Rupp: Towards attosecond imaging of electron dynamics in nanoscale matter

12.00-12.30: Concluding remarks

12.30-14.00: Final lunch and good bye


In the past three years, a project group from the Swedish research community have been working on the concept of a Soft X-ray Laser at MAX IV operating in the 1 – 5 nm wavelength range (0.25 – 1.2 keV). This has resulted in a recently published Conceptual Design Report (CDR) at  https://maxiv-legacy.maxiv.lu.se/soft-x-ray-laser/, based on the science case from 2016 compiled after a successful international workshop in Stockholm.

Based on the existing CDR and the science case from 2016, complemented with input of speakers from the international free electron laser user community, this satellite meeting aims to highlight what science could be done at SXL, so that the science case can be updated prior to a Technical Design Report (TDR) is initiated. The meeting is expected to result in a user-driven expression of interest  for SXL to be incorporated in the MAX IV strategy and roadmap, as well as the organization of a workshop in 2022 with the chief goal of producing an updated Science Case.


Pre-meeting (28 September) to the Ultrafast x-ray science using SXL at MAX IV satellite meeting (28 October):
In preparation for the satellite meeting the project group will give a brief overview of the CDR on September 28th, 15:00-17:00. The presentation will be given over Zoom.  We encourage you to register on the event page. You will receive the Zoom link upon registration.


Ultrafast science: a scientific vision for an x-ray laser beamline