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25A Afternoon Monday 25th October
26M Morning Tuesday 26th October

26M-Soft I
26M-Soft II
26M-Hard I

26A Afternoon Tuesday 26th October: 26A


27M Morning Wednesday 27th October
27A Afternoon Tuesday 26th October: 26A

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08.30-08.45Alberto Garcia- FernandezCore level and valence band analysis of in-situ cleaved perovskite single crystals26M-Soft I
08.45-09.00Enrique Ortega CO oxidation on vicinal Pd surfaces: the influence of the adsorption geometry in the saturation coverage near the light-off temperature26M-Soft I
09.00-09.15Xianjie LiuMapping Energy Level Diagrams at Donor/Acceptor Interfaces in Non- fullerene Organic Photovoltaics26M-Soft I
09.15-09.30Rebecka LindbladUnderstanding corrosion in CoCrFeMnNi thin films26M-Soft I
09.30-09.45Virginia BoixBehind the scenes of Electron Induced Deposition of Amorphous-BNx on Graphene – A surface science study26M-Soft I
09.45-10.00Vasili KhaninCompetition for CB-electrons in Ce-doped garnets: using XANES and Photoluminescence end station26M-Soft I
10.00-10.3026M-Soft I Coffee break26M-Soft I
10.30-10.45Maksim KiselevAn experimental and theoretical study of the Kr 3d photoelectron satellites26M-Soft I
10.45-11.00Mati KookInvestigations of the electronic structure and fragmentation of ionic liquids by vacuum ultraviolet radiation at FinEstBeAMS26M-Soft I
11.00-11.15Eetu PelimanniCore and Valence Level Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Nanosolvated KCl26M-Soft I
11.15-11.30Stacey SörensenTracing nuclear dynamics in the smallest cyclic hydrocarbon: cyclopropane26M-Soft I
11.30-11.45Oksana TravnikovaFirst observation of Auger-Doppler effect in molecular fragments using new GPES coincidence setup at FinEstBEAMS26M-Soft I
11.45-12.00Arnaldo Naves de BritoThe surface molecular structure of water– ethanol mixtures26M-Soft I
08.30-08.45Lars-Åke NäslundChemical bonding of termination species in the 2D transition metal carbide Ti3C2Tx MXene investigated at SPECIES26M-Soft II
08.45-09.00Sebastian SvanströmDynamics at the interfaces of lead halide perovskites: 4 ways to destroy solar cells26M-Soft II
09.00-09.15Natalia MartinAnnealing dynamics of Cu2ZnSnS4 absorbers relevant for thin film solar cells26M-Soft II
09.15-09.30Ida KällquistPotentials in Li-ion batteries probed by operando APPES26M-Soft II
09.30-09.45Konstantin Simonov26M-Soft II
09.45-10.00empty slot confirmed26M-Soft II
10.00-10.3026M-Soft I Coffee break26M-Soft II
10.30-10.45Irene GrootSpectroscopy of a Co(0001) model catalyst during Fischer-Tropsch synthesis26M-Soft II
10.45-11.00Jan KnudsenStroboscopic operando spectroscopy of the dynamics in heterogeneous catalysis by event-averaging26M-Soft II
11.00-11.15Heloise TissotSynthesis and Reactivity of a Model catalyst: isolated Fe1O3 sites on Pt(111) and Cu2O(100)26M-Soft II
11.15-11.30Oleksii IvashenkoHow surface species drive product distribution during ammonia oxidation: an operando APXPS Study26M-Soft II
11.30-11.45Eoghan RattiganCobalt Oxide Nanoisland PROX Catalyst: Mechanisms and Active Phase in Near Ambient Conditions26M-Soft II
11.45-12.00Giulio D'AcuntoNew approaches on handling the lack of knowledge of Atomic Layer Deposition26M-Soft II
08.30-08.50Thiago FormentiniImmobilizing arsenic in a contaminated anoxic aquifer using zerovalent iron: insights from As and Fe K-edge XAS26M-Hard I
08.50-09.10Michael Cheah26M-Hard I
09.10-09.25Matteo CiambeziSlot-die coating platform at Balder beamline for in-situ multimodal analysis26M-Hard I
09.25-09.40Susan NehzatiTime Travel with Hard X-rays: An XAS Study of Mass Extinction Events Through the Phanerozoic Eon26M-Hard I
09.40-09.55Carl EkströmTHz capabilities at FemtoMAX beamline26M-Hard I
09.55-10.15Marco KirmTime-Resolved Luminescence Studies of Relaxation Processes in Wide Gap Materials Exhibiting Ultrafast Emissions using FinEstBeAMS and FemtoMAX26M-Hard I
10.15-10.4526M-Hard I Coffee break26M-Hard I
10.45-11.05Mikkel JuelsholtSize-induced amorphous structure in tungsten oxide nanoparticles26M-Hard I
11.05-11.20Daniel Risskov SörensenSpatially resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction on Li-ion battery pouch cells26M-Hard I
11.20-11.35Oskar BerntssonTime-resolved SAXS at CoSAXS26M-Hard I
11.35-11.50Anna FornellAdaptoCell – Microfluidic Platforms at MAX IV Laboratory26M-Hard I
11.50 -12.10German Salazar Alvarez26M-Hard I
09:00 - 09:40Lucas MarcalIn situ imaging of ferroelastic domain dynamics in CsPbBr3 perovskite nanowires using nanofocused scanning X ray diffraction26M-Imaging
09:40 - 10:05Angel Rodriguez-FernandezUltrafast dynamical diffraction wavefronts imagined with Tele-ptychography26M-Imaging
10:05 - 10:30Adam HitchcockCurrent capabilities and future trends of soft X-ray STXM and ptychography26M-Imaging
10.30-11.0026M-Imaging Coffee break26M-Imaging
11:00 - 11:20Ekta RaniIn-situ spectro-microscopic investigation of adjusting nature of inclusions within ultra-high-strength-steel26M-Imaging
11:20 -11:40Jinshan PanRedefining passivity breakdown of super duplex stainless steel by electrochemical operando synchrotron XRD/XRR/XRF measurements26M-Imaging
11:40 - 12:00Itamar NeckelUnveiling Center-Type Topological Defects on Rosettes of Lead Zirconate Titanate Associated to Oxygen Vacancies26M-Imaging
08.30-08.50Lotta HapponenInteraction of a human monoclonal antibody recognizing two different epitopes in a conserved region of streptococcal M proteins26M-SB
08.50-09.10Swati AggarwalTowards Neutron crystallography of membrane proteins: Insights into production of deuterium-labelled OmpF26M-SB
09.10-09.30 Joao RamosThe effects of protein perdeuteration and in vitro refolding on hen egg-white lysozyme’s folding modes, structure and function26M-SB
09.30-09.50Gergely KantonaUltrafast response of protein crystals to short, high-field terahertz pulses26M-SB
10.00-10.3026M-SB Coffee break26M-SB
10.30-10.50Jan WollenhauptOver 1000 crystals for hundreds of ideas - starting points for PPI modulator design via fragment screening26M-SB
10.50-11.10ROBERT SCHNELLNovel antibiotic candidates – targeting the cell wall remodelling of M. tuberculosis26M-SB
11.10-11.30Helena DanielsonDiscovery of fragments inducing conformational effects in acetylcholine binding protein26M-SB
11.30-11.50Wolfgang KnechtLP3, DEMAX and FragMAX– what we can achieve together….26M-SB
13.00-13.25Charlotte Platzer Björkman (tentative)26A-EMT
13.25-13.50Erik Johansson  (tentative)26A-EMT
13.50-14.15Ellen Moons26A-EMT
14.15-14.40Kristina Edstrom (tentative)26A-EMT
14.40-15.00 26A-EMT coffee break26A-EMT
15.00-15.25Sandrine Lyonnard26A-EMT
15.25-15.50Jan Dierk Grunwaldt (tentative)26A-EMT
15.50-16.15 Mark Koper (tentative)26A-EMT
16.15-16.25Gary Harlow Model electrochemical interfaces for energy conversion26A-EMT
16.25-16.45Per-Anders CarlssonThe need of in situ/operando capabilities as to turn catalysis science into catalyst technologies26A-EMT
16.45-17.05Nils Skoglund26A-EMT
17.05- 17.30Håkan Rensmo, Andrey ShavorskiyPresentation of the ongoing work. Summary of the Energy workshops26A-EMT
13.00-13.30 Stephen Hayden RIXS studies of spin and charge excitations in La2-xSrxCuO426A-QAM
13.30-14.00 Gabriella AnderssonMagnetic building blocks and their behaviour as seen at synchrotron facilities26A-QAM
14.00-14.30 Lingjia ShenSensing the electronic states in a cuprate superconductor by atomic diffusion26A-QAM
14.30-15.00 26A-QAM Coffee break26A-QAM
15.00-15.30 Dirk van der Marel Optics of quantum matter26A-QAM
15.30-16.00Neil Wilson Micro-spectroscopy for 2D quantum twistronics26A-QAM
16.00-16.30 Philip Hofmann Accessing the Spectral Function in a Current-Carrying Device26A-QAM
16.30-17.00 Sujoy Roy Soft X-ray OAM carrying beam: Generation and application in quantum materials26A-QAM
13.15-13.40Satish C. MyneniProbing Chemical Speciation, Reactions and Rates in Earth and Environmental Systems using Synchrotron X-ray Methods: Current Status & Future Opportunities26A-TEC
13.40-14.05Lars WågbergNew materials from the forest based resource26A-TEC
14.05-14.30Deliang ChenGrand Challenges related to atmospheric science and climate change during the next decade26A-TEC
14.30-15.0026A-TEC Coffee break
15.00-15.15Nonne PrisleAtmospheric research at synchrotron facilities: milestones and future needs.26A-TEC
15.15-15.30Calle PregerAn aerosol sample delivery system for in-flight aerosol studies at MAX IV26A-TEC
15.30-15.45Michiel Op De BeeckAt the interface between fungal cells and soils26A-TEC
15.45-16.00Karin Limburg & Yvette Heimbrand (SLU) Fishes as mobile monitors of  worsening conditions in the Baltic Sea26A-TEC
16.00-16.15Carin SjöstedtImproved knowledge on metal speciation in soils to optimise risk assessment and remediation of contaminated areas26A-TEC
16.15-16.30Helena FilipssonMessages from the past oceans to inform about the future: synchrotron-based approaches26A-TEC
16.30 -16.45Shun YuX-ray characterization of biobased materials for applied researches: status, needs and wishes26A-TEC
16.45-17.0026A-TEC Break leg stretcher26A-TEC
17.00-17.3026A-TEC Discussion26A-TEC
13:00-13:05Magnus LarssonWelcome - Industry at MAX IV26A-OSI
13:05-13:15Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander and William BrantFuture of operando studies at MAX IV26A-OSI
13:15-13:30Magnus FredrikssonIndustry outlook26A-OSI
13:30-13:50Anna Wenemark26A-OSI
13:50-14:10Steven Van PetegemOperando X-ray Diffraction during Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion26A-OSI
14:10-14:30Alfred LarssonOperando observations of hydrogen induced degradation of duplex steel26A-OSI
14:30-15:0026A-OSI Coffee break26A-OSI
15:00-15:20Jenny AxénA case study – Ni(OH)2 hysteresis26A-OSI
15:20-15:40Alexander SchoekelLots of photons and what to do with them… X-ray diffraction radiography and tomography26A-OSI
15:40-16:00Anastasiia MikheenkovaInsights into ageing mechanisms of Ni-rich NCA in state-of-the-art commercial high-energy Li-ion cells: in-house characterisation and large-scale facilities opportunities26A-OSI
16:00-16:10Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander Opera - a proposal for a new beamline at MAX IV26A-OSI
16:10-16:30Magnus Larsson26A-OSI Open discussion slot26A-OSI
13.00-13.25Karin Tran-LundmarkSynchrotron-based phase-contrast micro-CT as a tool for understanding pulmonary vascular disease26A-HM
13.30-13.50Oxana Klementieva IR applications 26A-HM
13.55-14.15Per Hansson SAXS: role in drug development/discovery 26A-HM
14.20 -14.40Lionel Trésaugues What is required for drug discovery of an MX beamline 26A-HM
14.45-15.05Maria Sunnerhagen Targetting the MYC interactome 26A-HM
15.05-15.3026A-HM Coffeee break26A-HM
15.30-15.50 Gisela Brändén Serial Crystallography26A-HM
15.45-16.05Gosia Korbas Mercury in human brain26A-HM
16.05-16. 25 Carlos Sanchez Cano NanoXRF: Osmium cancert target mapping 26A-HM
16.30-17.1526A-HM Discussions26A-HM