User meeting organisers


User Meeting Program committee

The local organizing group teams up with several representatives of the user community to define and agree on the user meeting contents and the scientific program.

  • Jonas Weissenrieder, KTH University,  (FASM)
  • German Salazar, Uppsala University, (FASM)
  • Minna Patanen, Oulu University, (FASM)
  • Johan Gustafson, Lund University (Synchrotron Radiation Research)
  • Gisela Brändén, University of Gothenburg, MAX IV URG (University Reference Group)
  • Martin Stankovski, Lund University
  • Ana Labrador, MAX IV
  • Franz Hennies, MAX IV
  • Marjolein Thunnissen, MAX IV
  • Conny Såthe, MAX IV


User Meeting Local organizing MAX IV team

Ana Labrador
Franz Hennies
Noelle Walsh
Helena Ullman
Stefan Wiklund
Emelie Hilner
and many more colleagues contributing with ideas and efforts !


User meeting sessions co-oganizers

To be updated