List of posters


Below is the list of posters submitted to the User Meeting poster session.
All the corresponding abstracts submitted can be found on this folder.
The folder contains as well the posters submitted within the MAX IV students science award 2021.

The poster session is taking place on-site at Scandic Hotel, Lund, unlike the previously advertised hybrid format.
Even if this implies that some poster will no be presented by their authors, we decided to acknowledge their contribution and interest by including them on the list of posters, together with the submitted abstracts.
We apologise for the inconvenience or disappointment this might cause.


1Combined in-situ X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy at Balder BeamlineMahesh RamakrishnanLunds University MAX IVBalder
2Local chemical ordering in refractory high entropy nitride and its impact on superconducting propertiesRui ShuLinköping UniversityBalder
3BioXAS at Balder beamlineKajsa Sigfridsson ClaussLunds University MAX IVBalder
4Slot-die coating platform at Balder beamline for in-situ multimodal analysisMatteo CiambeziMAX IV Laboratory, Lund UniversityBalder
5How light moves ions. A multimodal X-ray diffraction and Photoluminescence study on the phase segregation of MAPb(I1-xBrx)3Klara SuchanLund UniversityBalder; NanoMAX
6Interaction of a human monoclonal antibody recognizing two different epitopes in a conserved region of streptococcal M proteinsLotta HapponenLund UniversityBioMAX
7Crystallisation of supercooled waterMarjorie Ladd ParadaStockholm UniversityCoSAXS
8Investigation of the effect of synthesis conditions on the formation of H-related defects in γ-MnO2Nicolas Pierre Louis MagnardUniversity of CopenhagenDanMAX
9How can synchrotron diffraction help enable electrification of industrial heating processes?Magnus Hörnqvist CollianderChalmers University of TechnologyDanMAX
10Extracting Structural Motifs from Pair Distribution Function Data of Nanostructures using Interpretable Machine LearningAndy Sode AnkerNano-Science Center and Department of Chemistry, University of CopenhagenDanMAX
11Quantifying Structures in 3D Images through the QIM CenterAnders DahlTechnical University of DenmarkForMAX
12Educational toolkits within the ForMAX-portal for training the next generation of tomography and scattering users at MAX IVEmanuel LarssonLund UniversityForMAX
13Bringing SAXS imaging to MAX IVChristian AppelPaul Scherrer Institut ForMAX
14The peculiarities of charge transfer process in potassium hydrophthalate crystals under the action of the external electric fieldEduard IbragimovMSU, NRC “Kurchatov Institute”FemtoMAX, NanoMAX
153D imaging of ferroelastic domains in single CsPbBr3 nanoparticlesDmitry DzhigaevLund UniversityNanoMAX
16Microsecond equilibrium dynamics by X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy with nano-focused X-ray beamsSharon BerkowiczStockholm UniversityNanoMAX
17On the feasibility of focusing synchrotron radiation to nanometre sizes by means of adiabatic refractive lensesMaxim FolomeshkinFRSC ‘Crystallography and Photonics’ RAS, MoscowNanoMAX
18Ultrafast dynamical diffraction wavefronts imagined with Tele-ptychographyAngel Rodriguez-FernandezEuropean XFEL Facility GmbHNanoMAX
19Dynamics of soil aggregation as affected by organic matter inputsMilda PucetaiteLund UniversityNanoMAX, SoftiMAX
20Revealing the Heavy Quasiparticles in the Heavy-Fermions Superconductor CeCu2Si2Yang LiuZhejiang University, ChinaBloch
21Chemical bonding of termination species in the 2D transition metal carbide Ti3C2Tx MXene investigated at SPECIESLars-Åke NäslundDepartment of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM), Linköping UniversitySPECIES, HIPPIE, Balder, FlexPES, VERITAS, FinEstBeAMS
22Valence shell photoelectron angular distributions and vibrationally resolved spectra of imidazoleMinna PatanenUniversity of OuluFinEstBeAMS
23Photodissociation dynamics of halogenated aromatic molecules: the case of core-ionized tetrabromothiopheneLassi PihlavaDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, University of TurkuFinEstBeAMS
24Pseudo single bunch through Transverse Resonance Island BucketsDavid K. OlssonLunds University MAX IVFinEstBeAMS, FlexPES
25Nucleation of atmospheric aerosols – coincidence study of alpha-pineneKuno KooserInstitute of Physics, University of TartuFinEstBeAMS, SPECIES, HIPPIE, NAP-XPS end-stations
26The origin of enhanced O2+ production from the CO2 cluster dicationSmita GangulyLunds University MAX IVFlexPES
27An in situ APXPS characterization of Al2O3 supported NiMo catalystSabrina GerickeLund UniversityHIPPIE
28Surface chemistry and diffusion of trace and alloying elements during in vacuum thermal deoxidation of stainless steelLin ZhuLunds University MAX IVMAXPEEM
29Morphological variations of calcite microfossils based on µCT data to reveal the last 200 years of environmental changes in ÖresundConstance ChoquelLund University
30Investigating the sensitivity of cathode material NMC 811 towards CO2 and H2O.Heyin ChenUppsala University
31Bio&Chem support labs at MAX IVYang ChenLunds University MAX IVSupport labs
32Pixel area detectors for current and future applications at MAX IVPaul BellLunds University MAX IVDetectors
33Operando observations of hydrogen induced degradation of duplex steelAlfred LarssonLund University, Division of Synchrotron Radiation ResearchA diffraction beamline
34Exploring confined ordered nano-structures with synchrotron lightGiuseppe AbbondanzaLund University, Synchrotron Radiation ResearchA diffraction beamline
35Center for X-Rays in Swedish Material SciencesDenise McCluskeyKTH, Stockholm PETRA III
36The PETRA III Swedish Material Science BeamlineDenise McCluskeyKTH, Stockholm PETRA III