Welcome to the 29th MAX IV Laboratory User Meeting (UM17)
March 13 to 15, 2017.

UM17 will take place in the centre of Lund with general sessions at Stadshallen on Monday 13 March and Wednesday 15 March. Parallel scientific sessions will take place at Grand Hotel on Tuesday 14 March.

On the first day we will discuss the state of the MAX IV Laboratory regarding different aspects and look at what has happened, what is happening and what is the outlook and prospects for the laboratory, the machine and the beamlines. We will also have a look at the ESS. The annual meeting for our user organisation FASM will also take place during this day. The day will be finished at the Laboratory itself, with a poster session on the experimental floor and a chance to visit some of the beamlines.

During the second day we will have 4 parallel sessions covering the science that we will support at the Laboratory. The titles of these sessions are Life Science, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Quantum Systems and Processes, New Materials and Energy (see more info below).

At the end of this day we will have our UM 17 dinner at the Grand Hotel.

The last day we will look at common issues that users face when doing experiments at research infrastructures such as MAX IV and the ESS. This covers topics as advanced sample environments at beamlines, data handling and management, scientific data analysis, access, guest-housing, travel and an introduction to the industrial liaison office. Finally we will announce the awards for the best thesis using data from the MAX IV Laboratory as well as the best poster award.

Registration is now open. Registration deadline 1 March.

Submit an abstract. Abstract submission deadline has been extended to 17 February.

A number of satellite workshops will be organised in connection to UM 17:


Life Sciences

MAX IV offers life science a synchrotron tool box to understand the processes of life from atomic to organism scale. However, the strength to solve the future challenges lays in the combination of techniques using X-rays, neutrons and other lab-based methods. This session will give opportunity to present life science applications of protein crystallography, X-ray spectroscopy, small and wide angle scattering, and imaging. Welcome to present your work and inspire each other. See here for more information.

Organisers: Rajmund Mokso, Kajsa Sigfridsson Clauss and Thomas Ursby

Location: Stadshallen Sessionssalen

Environmental and Earth Sciences

Environmental and earth sciences are large, fast growing research areas covering global, regional, local and molecular issues. Synchrotron light and neutron based spectroscopy, scattering and imaging techniques have become indispensable investigation methods. This session will highlight relevant applications that range from the geochemistry of the Earth’s mantle to molecular level characterization of complex matrices, such as atmospheric particles, soils, sediments, and the interfaces between solid phases or microbial cells and the surrounding aqueous phases. See here for more information.

Organisers: Katarina Norén and Ann Terry

Location: Grand Hotel Lukas-salen

Quantum Systems and Processes

(including Timing/Time resolved)

This session will cover research in the following areas:

Electronic structures and excitations: Novel 2-D and topological materials probed by ARPES, Spin resolved ARPES and RIXS.
Low Density Matter Research: Photo-excitation & -fragmentation processes, Multi-coincidence momentum imaging, X-ray absorption & photoemission, Photoelectron spectroscopy of gas-phase molecules, clusters and liquids.
Timing/Time-resolved experiments: Experimental techniques requiring timing modes/synchronization with the storage ring and pump-probe techniques, e.g. electron ToF measurements, luminescence lifetime measurements, pump-probe measurements of photo catalysis and chemical reactions.
See here for more information.

Organisers: Noelle Walsh, Maxim Tchaplyguine, Conny Såthe, Balasubramanian Thiagarajan, Antti Kivimäki and Achim Schnadt.

Location: Grand Hotel Stenbro-salen

New Materials and Energy

Modern photon and neutron sources such as MAX IV and ESS offer outstanding opportunities in all fields of materials research. In this session, some of the latest developments within topics such as functional materials, materials for energy production and storage, soft matter, and investigations of fundamental properties will be presented by invited speakers and submitted contributions, illustrating possible directions where the state-of-the-art performance of these facilities can provide highly valuable results. See here for more information.

Organisers: Gerardina Carbone, Marianne Liebi, Olivier Balmes and Gunnar Öhrwall

Location: Grand Hotel Piraten