Environmental and earth sciences are large, fast growing research areas covering global, regional, local and molecular issues. Synchrotron light and neutron based spectroscopy, scattering and imaging techniques have become indispensable investigation methods. This session will highlight relevant applications that range from the geochemistry of the Earth’s mantle to molecular level characterization of complex matrices, such as atmospheric particles, soils, sediments, and the interfaces between solid phases or microbial cells and the surrounding aqueous phases.


Location: Grand Hotel Lukas-salen


09:00-09:40  Nønne Prisle, University of Oulu, Finland

From molecules to future rain– understanding the formation and impact of clouds from molecular level to atmospheric chemistry and climate  Abstract

09:40-10:00   Britt-Marie Steenari, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Municipal solid waste combustion fly ash – both an environmental problem and a source of metals  Abstract

10:00-10:30   Coffee Break

10:30-11:10   Adrian Rennie, Uppsala University, Sweden

Understanding Water Purification – using a new sustainable technology  Abstract

11:10-11:35   Ingmar Persson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Experimental structure studies of solutes in aqueous solution  Abstract

11:35-12:00   Ming-Tao Lee, Stockholm University, Sweden

Chemical Composition and Properties of the Liquid– Vapor Interface of Aqueous Solutions as seen from X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy  Abstract

12:00-13:00   Lunch     

13:00-13:40   Jon Otto Fossum, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Materials science of and physical phenomena in clays: Overview of X-ray studies and related investigations  Abstract

13:40-14:05   Luigi Gentile, Lund University, Sweden

Soil organic matter-mineral interactions by small angle X-ray scattering  Abstract

14:05-14:30   Nicolas Bovet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Calcite interaction with organic molecules  Abstract

14:30-14:55   Changxun Yu, Linnæus University, Sweden

Cerium sequestration and accumulation in fractured crystalline bedrock:

The role of Mn-Fe (hydr-)oxides and clay minerals  Abstract                        

14:55-15:30   Coffee Break        

15:30-16:10   Catherine McCammon, University of Bayreuth, Germany

A synchrotron journey inside the Earth  Abstract

16:10-16:35   Innokenty Kantor, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Extreme conditions X-ray absorption spectroscopy: melting of Fe and Ni

16:35-16:50   Isaak Unger, Uppsala University, Sweden

Calcium enrichment at the surface of sea spray aerosols?



Ann Terry

Katarina Norén