ITN planning workshop on X-rays for Solar Energy

Monday 23 September 2019, 9:00 to 12:00.


Purpose and scope:

The Solar Energy Platform organizes this satellite meeting at the MAX IV User Meeting 2019 to facilitate discussions and preparations for a Horizon 2020 funding application for an Initial Training Network (ITN). The ITN application will be aimed at building up a European consortium, including Swedish and European partners from research institutions, companies, and research infrastructure facilities, with expertise in training PhD students and early stage researchers in the use of X-ray techniques for research and development in solar energy materials. The workshop is open to researchers from Sweden and EU countries who are interested in PhD education and in synchrotron-based x-ray methods for solar energy research. We welcome in particular participants from the partner institutions of the ITN consortium.

The Solar Energy Platform (Solenergiplattformen) is a Vinnova-funded advocacy platform, aiming at raising Sweden’s Horizon 2020 participation in the area of solar electricity and solar fuel.



The organizing committee consists of three members of the Swedish Solar Energy Platform, based at three Swedish universities, with additional support from members of the consortium “Energy materials studies at MAX IV – Development of Solar Cells and Batteries”, a grant funded by the Swedish Research Council for accessibility support of research infrastructure, led by Håkan Rensmo, Uppsala University.



The workshop will start at 9.00 with a one hour introduction by a company (Yellow Research) on how to write a competitive ITN proposal.
The workshop will continue working to define the project among the participants.


Wrap up & feedback to the User Meeting organizers

  • Organizing the ITN workshop in connection with the MAX IV User meeting worked very well. The nature of our initiative was slightly different from more ordinary symposia in that it had no speakers or abstracts. Instead it was intended as a meeting for discussing the plans and preparations for the future funding application for an International Training Network to Horizon 2020. Since the topic of the ITN was closely related to synchrotron based techniques, we thought the collocation with MaxIV User meeting was a good choice. And that it turned out to be.
  • About 10-12 persons attended the workshop, from Sweden, Germany and Denmark, and had traveled to Lund specially to attend the workshop. A few of them also stayed on for the User Meeting, or part of it.
  • The workshop went well and fulfilled its purpose completely. It gather people, gave us a place to discuss and work with the preparations for the funding application, and we left with a time plan for the rest of the project.
  • We want to thank for the help with the organisation, booking a room, and adding the event to the website. Your support and flexibility are strongly appreciated! I certainly can recommend this arrangement to other User groups and researchers initiatives.


Contact info:

Ellen Moons ,

Charlotte Platzer-Björkman ,

Kenneth Wärnmark .


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