Correlated electron materials and magnetism

Purpose and scope:

This session will cover the current trends in correlated electron systems (both weak and strongly correlated systems) and magnetism. The current experimental and theoretical achievements are strongly related to the accessibility to synchrotron methods such as spin and angle resolved photo-electron spectroscopy (ARPES and Spin-ARPES) or resonant inelastic scattering (RIXS) among others. Those are some of the opportunities that will be reviewed and assessed in connection to the new MAX IV beamlines becoming into operation.


List of abstracts: Correlated materials – Magnetism session


Invited speakers:

Andrew Wray, NYU, USA
Mark Golden, University of Amsterdam
Phil King, University of St Andrews
Björgvin Hjörvarsson, Uppsala University
Denis Vyalikh, Donostia International Physics Center
Ferdi Aryasetiawan, Lund University
Markus Donath, University of Muenster
Moritz Hoesch, DESY light source, Petra III


Phil King, University of St. Andrews, UK
Balasubramanian (Balu) Thiagarajan, MAX IV Laboratoriet (contact)
Shih-Wen Huang, MAX IV Laboratoriet (contact)


Parallel session program, Tuesday 24 September

09:05 – Opening remarks – Phil King


Chair: Mark Golden

09:15-10:00 – Andrew Wray


10:00-10:30 – coffee break


Chair: Markus Donath

10:30-11:15 – Phil King

11:15-12:00  – Mark Golden


12:00-13:00 – Lunch break


Chair: Andrew Wray

13:00-13:45 – Björgvin Hjörvarsson

13:45-14:30 – Ferdi Aryasetiawan


14:30-15:00 – Coffee break


Chair: Phil King

15:00-15:35 – Moritz Hoesch

15:35-16:10 – Denis Vyalikh

16:10-16:45 – Markus Donath

16:45-17:05 – Veritas beamline capabilities and status – Shi-Wen Huang

17:05-17:25 – Bloch beamline capabilities and status – Balasubramanian Thiagarajan

17:25:17:30 – Closing remarks



19:00 –                 Users Banquet (registration needed)

Wrap up & feedback to the User Meeting organizers


  • More Swedish university participation for future users meeting session on these topics is highly recommended.
  • Being prepared with laser pointers or just a stick for use during talks – (this was my mistake and should have taken thought about this).
  • The talks were good and people enjoyed it and looking forward to come and do experiments at MAX IV.