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SessionWhenSpeaker nameSpeaker surnameTalk TitleType
Correletad Materials - Magnetism09:15 - 10:00AndrewWrayResonant X-ray studies of Hundness and singlet ground state magnetismInvited
Correletad Materials - Magnetism10:30 - 11:15Phil KingInteracting Electronic States of Delafossite OxidesInvited
Correletad Materials - Magnetism11:15 - 12:00MarkGoldenExperimental tests of the AdS-CFT description of cuprate strange metalsInvited
Correletad Materials - Magnetism13:00 - 13:45BjörgvinHjörvarssonArtificial Atoms and Magnetic MetamaterialsInvited
Correletad Materials - Magnetism13:45 - 14:30FerdiAryasetiawanMulti-Tier Self-Consistent GW+EDMFT schemeInvited
Correletad Materials - Magnetism15:00 - 15:35Moritz HoeschDisorder quenching of the Charge Density Wave in ZrTe3Invited
Correletad Materials - Magnetism15:35 - 16:10Denis VyalikhStrongly-correlated electrons and exotic magnetism in quasi-two-dimensional 4f systemsInvited
Correletad Materials - Magnetism16:10 - 16:45MarkusDonathSpin-orbit-induced spin landscapes of two-dimensional electron statesInvited