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SessionWhenSpeaker nameSpeaker surnameTalk TitleType
Structural Biology. BioMAX results09:15 - 09:30UweMuellerBioMAX status
Structural Biology. BioMAX results09:30 - 10:00UteKrengelCholera blood g roup association elucidated with synchrotron radiationInvited
Structural Biology. BioMAX results10:30 - 11:00 GiselaBrändenInitial membrane-protein serial crystallography experiments at BioMAXInvited
Structural Biology. BioMAX results11:00 - 11:30KarlaFrydenvangStructural study of the GluA2 ligand - binding domain in complex with allosteric modulators named TDPAMsInvited
Structural Biology. BioMAX results11:30 - 12:00 LeilaLo LeggioLytic polysaccharide monooxygenases and their friendsContributed
Structural Biology. BioMAX results13:00 - 13:30JanWollenhauptF2X Entry Screen – a novel, chemically diverse library for crystallographic fragment screeningInvited
Structural Biology. BioMAX results13:30 - 14:00Helena KäckTowards fragment screening using serial crystallographyInvited
Structural Biology. BioMAX results14:00 - 14:30RafaelMolinaStructure of Csx1-cyclic oligoadenylate complex reveals the basis of RNA decay induced by second messengers in Type III-B CRISPR-CasInvited
Structural Biology. BioMAX results15:00 - 15:30MikaelOlivebergCrystallography as means to investigate generic structural behavioursInvited
Structural Biology. BioMAX results15:30 - 16:00RohitKumarStructure and Energetics of Molecular Recognition in Galectin-3 ligand InteractionsContributed