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SessionWhenSpeaker nameSpeaker surnameTalk TitleType
Metal processing09:15 - 09:45FCIRP Dr RachidM’saoubiInvited
Metal processing09:45 - 10:00GudrunLotzeIn-situ strain mapping during nanoindentation of CVD TiAlN thin filmsContributed
Metal processing10:30 - 11:00Prof. Henning Friis Poulsen Multiscale 3D mapping of metal structures and their dynamics Invited
Metal processing11:15 - 11:45Prof. ArneDahleStudy of solidification phenomena using synchrotron radiationInvited
Metal processing11:45 - 12:00Lars-ÅkeNäslundIn situ studies of aluminium oxide break-up at flux-free brazing conditions performed at the ambient pressure XPS beamline HIPPIEContributed
Metal processing13:00 - 13:30Docent Magnus HörnqvistCollianderInvited
Metal processing13:30 - 13:45MartinFiskEvolution of precipitates in nickel based superalloy Haynes 282: In-situ highenergy SAXS/WAXS investigationContributed
Metal processing13:45 - 14:00UlrichLienertThe Swedish High-Energy Materials Science Beamline at PETRA IIIContributed
Metal processing14:00 - 14:15FredrikLindbergStress mapping on ultra-high strength steel cut edgesContributed