The year 2020 has been especially difficult due to travel disruptions and other COVID-19 restrictions, however MAX IV and the user community has adapted to find flexible solutions which allows to continue conducting experiments at MAX IV. See MAX IV policy for re-scheduling of Covid-19 affected beamtime

Since 1988, the MAX IV user community has been, regularly and actively engaged tailoring the annual user meeting contents and format to create a valuable and interesting MAX IV user meeting, by facilitating participants within and across different  fields, the opportunity to discuss, learn and contribute towards the best use of MAX IV.

We are committed to preserving the long and successful trajectory of the MAX IV user meeting. The 2020 MAX IV 16 beamlines portfolio was conceived and driven with the impetus of the user community and their visions. From experience we know that a 10 year perspective is a reasonable time frame to go from vision to reality. This requires involvement from experienced synchrotron light users but also broadening our community to new science and to reach young researchers who will become our future scientists.

With 14 beamlines taking light simultaneously and the current open call for proposal, including beamlines and branches with Commissioning Experts calls, it  becomes again important to gather/reunite the existing communities that will  not only continue to benefit from MAX IV but also contribute to drive and promote future new scientific opportunities: which developments and beamlines, emerging science areas and technologies are necessary to fulfill your needs and reach your vision for MAX IV in 2030?


Local organizing MAX IV team

Ana Labrador
Franz Hennies
Noelle Walsh
Helena Ullman
Stefan Wiklund
Filippo Guizzetti
and many more colleagues contributing with ideas and effort !

Scientific program committee

The local organizing group teams up with several representatives of the user community to define and agree on the user meeting contents and the scientific program. A reminder is annually set in place to agree on each year scientific program committee. Please let us know if you are interested in being a proactive member or have any questions: Scientific program 2020,

Jonas Weissenrieder, KTH University,  (FASM)

Maria Hahlin, Uppsala University, (FASM)

Leila Lo Leggio, Copenhagen University, (FASM)