Imaging today, imaging tomorrow


Research programs that strongly benefit from imaging techniques are starting to be more and more present at MAX IV. The imaging session intends to provide a glimpse of the research being carried out at the NanoMAX beamline, the first of the Imaging group available to users. It also presents ongoing efforts and achievements on the important and necessary aspect of data analysis. The day concludes with inspirational talks towards future possibilities, ambitions and challenges on the beamlines in construction (SoftiMAX, MaxPEEM, DanMAX and ForMAX) that will operate imaging instruments. Along the day, users are welcome to be proactive and contribute on the three different “discussion” slots.

Invited speakers

Henrik Birkedal, Aarhus University
Danny Mannix, ESS
Vincent Jacques, University Paris Orsay
Filipe  Maia, Uppsala University
Mikael Thyrel, SLU Umeå

Imaging today, Imaging tomorrow. Parallel session program, Tuesday 25


IMAGING TODAY (9:00 -12:00)


Chair: Gerardina Carbone, MAX IV Laboratory


 09:00 09:10 Ulf Johansson – MAX IV. Scope and Status of NanoMAX
09:10 09:40 Invited: Henrik Birkedal – Aarhus University. Bone Hierarchical Structure Through 3D X-ray Imaging Techniques
09:40 10:00 Marianne Liebi – Chalmers University. Multi-Scale Investigation of Mineralization in Developing Long Bones: Zoom in with NanoMAX
FIKA 10:00 – 10:30  Coffee break


10:30 11:00 Invited: Vincent Jacques – University Paris Orsay. Coherent X-Ray Nanodiffraction: A Powerful Way to Study Phase Defects in Condensed Matter Physics
11:00 11:20 Markus Osterhoff – Göttingen University.  Multi-Modal, Multi-Dimensional, Correlative Imaging
11:20 11:40 Anders Mikkelsen – Lund University. Recent semiconductor nanowire experiments at NanoMAX
11:40 12:00 Sandra Cuellar Baena – Max IV. Sample preparation for XRF experiments: our first results from NanoMAX
LUNCH 12:00 – 13:00  Lunch




Chair: Rajmund Mokso, MAX IV Laboratory.

13:00 13:05 Introduction to Data Analysis (R. Mokso)
13:05 13:15 Zdenek Matej – MAX IV. Handling imaging Data  at MAX IV and LUNARC
13:15 13:25 Stephen Hall – LTH. Reconstruction and analysis of lab microCT and synchrotrons
13:25 13:35 Anders B. Dahl – DTU. Data analysis initiatives in Denmark
13:35 13:50 J. W. Andreasen – DTU. Development of 3D scanning imaging
13:50 14:20 Invited: Filipe Maia – Uppsala University.  Opportunities and Challenges in the Era of Superluminous Lightsources
14:20 14:30 Discussion:  The involvement of users in the development of image analysis tools
FIKA 14:30 – 15:00 Coffee break

Chair: Karina Thånell, MAX IV Laboratory.

15:00 15:05 Introduction to the future imaging capabilities at MAX IV (K. Thånell)
15:05 15:45 Scope and status of SoftiMAX, DanMAX, ForMAX and MAXPEEM
15:45 16:15 Invited: Mikael Thyrel – SLU Umeå. The Bright Future of Forest Biomaterial Research at MAX IV
16:15 16:45 Invited: Dan Mannix – ESS Lund.  Thermoelectric Generation Driven by Magnetism: A Perspective in Combined X-ray and Neutron Vision
16:45 17:00 Discussion: what type of imaging we want to have at MAX IV?



Session organizers
Gerardina Carbone
Karina Thånell
Rajmund Mokso

Contact info Rajmund Mokso


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