Science with coherent light


MAX IV and other upcoming MBA based sources provide, where diffraction limited, the smallest source size and highest coherent fraction that is possible for synchrotron light. Compared to 3rd generation sources these properties are improved by orders of magnitude. Several beamlines at MAX IV today make use of these novel beam properties and easily provide high energy or spatial resolution. Mainly, this allows us to apply known techniques to samples which at older sources wouldn’t provide sufficient contrast. However, one could say that this is a mere quantitative improvement. In this session, we want to explore methods and scientific areas where a greatly increased coherent flux is opening really new opportunities for X-ray based science. In addition, we want to identify areas in beamline instrumentation, detector development or data analysis, where additional development is necessary in order to be able to fully explore the coherence now becoming available.

Invited speakers

Steve Kevan, ALS LBL, USA

Ralf Röhlsberger, DESY, Germany

Andrej Singer, Cornell University, USA

Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, SLS PSI, Switzerland

Young Yong Kim, DESY, Germany

25 September.

Chair: Ian McNulty, MAX IV
09:00 Steve Kevan, ALS LBL, USA “Fast time correlation soft X-ray XPCS”
09:30 Ralf Röhlsberger, DESY, Germany “X-ray quantum optics with inner-shell resonances”
10:00 Coffee break
Chair: Steve Kevan, ALS, LBL Berkeley
10:30 Andrej Singer, Cornell University, USA “Nanoscale dynamics in quasi-periodic complex materials”
11:00 Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, SLS PSI, Switzerland “Ptychographic nanotomography – harnessing X-ray coherence for 3D imaging”
11:30 Young Yong Kim, DESY, Germany “Ghost imaging at high coherent x-ray sources”



Session organizers
Ian McNulty
Franz Hennies

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Franz Hennies


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