Serial Crystallography workshop – Full day session on September 25, 2018

This Serial Crystallography workshop is one of the sessions of the MAX IV Laboratory User Meeting 2018 (24-26 September 2018). It will take place on Tuesday September 25, preliminary between 8:30 and 17:00 and it will be followed by the user meeting dinner in the evening.

There has been a constant development towards smaller crystals used for macromolecular crystallography experiments, requested by the user community and made possible by developments of new storage rings, insertion devices, optics, diffractometers, detectors and other instruments and methods at synchrotron radiation sources. Microfocus capabilities at storage ring sources have also enabled the implementation of the new technique referred to as Serial (Femtosecond) Crystallography, originally developed at Free Electron Lasers.

MAX IV Laboratory recently received funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for MicroMAX, a micro-focus macromolecular crystallography beamline. MicroMAX will exploit new sample delivery methods and the unique performance of the MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring to provide new possibilities in collecting high quality structural data from microcrystals. MicroMAX will not only increase the probability of obtaining structural data from challenging projects where only microcrystals are available but also enable data collection at room temperature and time resolved experiments with a time resolution down to the microsecond range.

This workshop will survey the present status of the field and give possibilities to discuss the present and future developments. A motivating factor is to define the context and scope of the MicroMAX beamline.

Invited speakers:
Gregers Rom Andersen, Aarhus University
Gisela Brändén, Gothenburg University
Jacques-Philippe Colletier, IBS, Grenoble
Bruce Doak, Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg
Martin Högbom, Stockholm University
Judith Juanhuix, ALBA Synchrotron Light Source
Artem Lyubimov, SSRL, Menlo Park
Alke Meents, DESY, Hamburg
Richard Neutze, Gothenburg University
Allen Orville, Diamond Light Source
Robin Owen, Diamond Light Source
Daniele de Sanctis, ESRF, Grenoble

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Preliminary schedule

08:30 Welcome: Marjolein Thunnissen, Science Director, MAX IV Laboratory
Chair: Marjolein Thunnissen, MAX IV Laboratory
08:35 Gisela Brändén, Gothenburg University “Serial Femtosecond Crystallography to study Cytochrome c Oxidase”
09:00 Robin Owen, Diamond Light Source “Crystallography on a moving target: serial MX at synchrotrons and XFELs”
09:30 Artem Lyubimov, SSRL “Loops, Chips, and Jets: Serial Crystallography at SSRL and LCLS”
10:00 Coffee break
Chair: Uwe Mueller, MAX IV Laboratory
10:30 Martin Högbom, Stockholm University “Approaches for structure determination of high-valent intermediates in di-metal carboxylate proteins”
11:00 Bruce Doak, MPI-Heidelberg “Recent advances in serial crystallography sample presentation for XFELs and synchrotrons: Cartridge High Viscosity Extrusion (CHVE) injectors and Sheet-on-Sheet (SOS) chip-less crystallography chips”
11:30 Jacques-Philippe Colletier, IBS, Grenoble “Raster-scanning serial micro-crystallography reveals the severe drawback of flash-cooling”
12:00 Lunch
Chair: Ana Gonzalez, MAX IV Laboratory
13:00 Allen Orville, Diamond Light Source “Dynamic Structural Biology is Enabled at XFELs and Synchrotrons by Complementary Methods”
13:30 Alke Meents, DESY “Pink beam serial crystallography at ultra low background levels”
14:00 Judith Juanhuix, ALBA “Design and scientific opportunities of the new microfocus MX beamline XAIRA at ALBA”
14:30 Coffee break
Chair: Gisela Brändén, Gothenburg University
15:00 Gregers Rom Andersen, Aarhus University “Serial crystallography at Aarhus University: Experiences and future expectations”
15:30 Daniele de Sanctis, ESRF “Serial crystallography at the ESRF Extremely Brilliant Source: The ID29 upgrade project”
16:00 Thomas Ursby, MAX IV Laboratory “MicroMAX: A Serial Crystallography Beamline”
Uwe Mueller, MAX IV Laboratory “(Serial) Crystallography at BioMAX”
16:30 Richard Neutze, Gothenburg University “Concluding summary and discussion”
17:00 End of the workshop
19:00 User Meeting Dinner


Workshop organizers:
Thomas Ursby
Uwe Mueller
Anastasya Shilova
Ana Gonzalez

Contact  info:

Thomas Ursby