MAX IV Student Poster Award 2018: Isabella Silva Barreto, LU. “Nano-imaging of mineralization in developing long bones using XRF an WAXS”

MAX IV PhD Thesis Award 2018: Niclas Johansson, LU. “Synchrotron-based in situ electron spectroscopy applied to oxide formation and catalysis”


At the User Meeting banquet dinner, on Tuesday September 25th, there will be announced the poster and PhD thesis award winners.

Read more about these two awards:

MAX IV Student Poster Award

The user meeting poster session is also an space for sharing your work with the MAX IV community and engage in valuable discussions. The session welcomes posters from all the participants and especially encourages posters from the students. For the students is an excellent opportunity to gain visibility for their work and ideas, therefore contributing to  initiate or expand their research network. Preparing a quality poster not only demonstrates the expertise in the subject, it also deepens the understanding of the topic and reveals the attention to details.

In addition to the posters, the students are also invited to present, before the poster session a two minutes clip of their poster. The student must first decide, at the moment of the registration, if they want to be eligible for a clip presentation. The selection will be arranged on a first come, first served basis. In case that there are more volunteers than time available, the final selection will aim at including a good representation of research topics and affiliations.

During the poster session there will be a jury composed by three participants in the user meeting. Their responsibility is to evaluate the students posters and take the difficult decision of selecting the one to be given the MAX IV Student Poster Award sponsored by SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH.

The winner will be invited to give an oral presentation at the User meeting common session on Wednesday 26th.

MAX IV PhD Thesis Award

Since 2013, MAX IV Laboratory presents the MAX IV PhD Thesis Award.


The PhD thesis eligible for the award must meet the following conditions:

  • The work must be based fully or partially on research performed at MAX IV Laboratory, across all disciplinary areas, methods, techniques or applications of synchrotron radiation.
  • The candidate mush have defended hers/his PhD thesis in the period from 1 February 2017 to 15 August 2018
  • The awardee must be available to attend the MAX IV User meeting (September 24-26, Lund) to receive the award, a small statuette made at the MAX IV workshop by Anna Förster, and to present the research work at the User meeting common session on Wednesday 26th.



The PhD Thesis will be evaluated by a Review Committee appointed by the MAX IV management. The evaluation guideline criteria are:

  • The quality and impact of the work within the context of the field.
  • The quality and capability of the candidate based on the Thesis manuscript and associated published work.



  • The nominations, including the thesis and one recommendation letter by the PhD supervisor, should be sent to the MAX IV user office before 15th August 2018.