The  current global situation is shaping the organization of the 32nd MAX IV User Meeting (UM20) – MAX IV agenda 2030 

We are working on being creative so that in one way or another the 32nd MAX IV User Meeting (UM20) – MAX IV agenda 2030 is a  landmark of the MAX IV agenda 2030

It is important that our joint efforts are valuable independently of the final format of the meeting:

  • the user needs, visions and values are always on the agenda,
  • there are ongoing new efforts to acknowledge,
  • much more to do that can be already triggered/initiated.


The initially planed meeting will be confirmed, the latest,  by the end of August 2020.


Date: 28-30 September 2020
Venue: Scandic Star Hotel, Lund.

FASM, the MAX IV user organization, and the MAX IV laboratory


MAX IV Agenda 2030. Purpose and scope


Which developments and beamlines, emerging science areas and technologies are necessary to fulfill your needs and reach your vision for MAX IV in 2030?

The 2020 MAX IV 16 beamlines portfolio was conceived and driven with the impetus of the user community and their visions. From experience we know that a 10 year perspective is a reasonable time frame to go from vision to reality. This requires involvement from experienced synchrotron light users but also broadening our community to new science and to reach young researchers who will become our future scientists.

The 32nd MAX IV User Meeting – MAX IV Agenda 2030 invites the user community to

  • continue open discussions on MAX IV current status, gaps, challenges and future needs
  • align scientific, technological, educational and societal development goals
  • inspire and initiate the “MAX IV Agenda 2030” with it’s actions and goals towards 2030.


Preliminary approach to proceed

The communities benefiting from using synchrotron light are now multiplied into a complex web of interconnected fields each with their own highly specialized subject areas. The complexity found in any area requires a multidisciplinary approach connecting interested groups and parties:

  • To initiated the process , working groups (WG), around a set of broad selected topics, will be involved in addressing the current landscape and visions within the scope of the MAX IV future developments and science.
  • Guidelines for the working groups have been prepared as part of the MAX IV science  strategy.
  • Each WG assignment is a “kind of first step” to initiate further actions.
  • Active and proposed working groups will be linked through these pages.
  • Sectors not being represented are welcome to contact us to initiate discussion to form a new group.