MAX IV USERS, meetings and milestones

Besides the annual MAX IV User Meeting, here are included additional meetings targeted to different MAX IV user communities and few milestone-reports.

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2021 33rd MAX IV User Meeting – MAX IV in Focus.

About the 2021 User Meeting
2020 Purpose, scope and committees
Program overview
MAX IV Students Science Award 2021
MAX IV PhD Thesis Award 2021
MAX IV User meeting exhibitors and sponsors 2021


2020 32nd MAX IV User Meeting – MAX IV 2020 & 2030.

Where are we and where we want to go? Which developments and beamlines, emerging science areas and technologies are necessary to fulfill your needs and reach your vision for MAX IV in 2030?.  These are only a couple of contents of what the 32nd MAX IV User Meeting program program covered.

2020 Purpose, scope and committees
Material and feedback from the user meeting
Students as researchers
Students as Researchers 2020 
MAX IV Students Science Award 2020
MAX IV PhD Thesis Award 2020
MAX IV User meeting sponsors and virtual exhibitors


2020 MicroMAX User Meeting

2019 31st MAX IV User Meeting – Developing MAX IV: with the users, for the users.

The parallel session topics were the result from an open call steered by a scientific program committee.
Coherent scattering opportunities for fluctuations and dynamics studies in condensed matter. Expression Of Interest for XPCS experiments at MAXIV.
Metal processing: machining, joining, printing and related processes studied with synchrotron light
Archaeology, Geology, and Cultural Heritage: options and future collaborations at MAX IV
Structural biology – First BioMAX operation results
Correlated electron materials and magnetism.
And 3 more initiatives:
ITN planning workshop on X-rays for Solar Energy
Balder meets users
Low density matter meeting

2018 30th MAX IV User Meeting – Coherent Visions.

Synchrotron Radiation News: 32:1, 9-11 (2019)
Five Sessions organized by techniques.
Serial crystallography,
Imaging today Imaging tomorrow
Spectroscopy at MAX IV
Science with coherent light
Scattering & diffraction.
And two dedicated initiatives:
Unlocking the benefits of MAX IV through industrial-academic partnerships,
Schools Outreach.
2018 1st ForMAX User Workshop
2018 3rd DanMAX User Meeting

2017 UM17

Science themes presented within their multidisciplinary/multi-technique context:
Life Sciences
Environmental Science & Earth Sciences
New Materials and Energy
Quantum systems & Processes

2016 MAX IV Inauguration, Lund University news

2015 Looking back…. & Forward.

Pushing the limits: time-resolved, inelastic, non-linear
4S: Solid State, Structure and Surfaces
Bio Imaging and Structure

2014 UM14 Nordic X-ray science days


MAX IV Project Process Review, 2013

Process regarding the next phase of beamlines, coming after the first eight financed beamlines.

Inelastic scattering of photons & neutrons
Low density matter:
Real-conditions & real-time
Computing & software
Phase IIB beamlines

SAXS and coherent X-ray scattering (Co-SAXS)
Cultural heritage research
Diffraction workshop – “Science and Experiment”
Environmental and soil science
Imaging methods
Bio and medical imaging (MedMAX)
Industrial Use of MAX IV and Innovation – Axel Steuwer

FEL workshop: 2nd Workshop on the Science Case for Swedish X-ray Lasers
MicroMax Workshop: The Future of Microfocus Protein Crystallography

2012 25th MAX-Lab Annual User meeting


2011 Construction starts on MAX IV. The first beamline programme is launched.

2010 The MAX IV construction site opens on 22 November.

Evaluation of the modified MAX IV proposal 2009 Vetenskapsrådet

2009 The financing for MAX IV is finalised.

2006 Scientific evaluation of the MAX IV proposal. Vetenskapsrådet.

An international evaluation of the Max IV technical concept  Vetenskapsrådet