Tuesday 26 October (08:30 – 12:00)

Structural biology: BioMAX and FemtoMAX

Room: Beginning

Chair: Ana Gonzalez

08:30 – 08:50 Interaction of a human monoclonal antibody recognizing two different epitopes in a conserved region of streptococcal M proteins. Lotta Happonen, Lund University

08:50 – 09:10 Towards Neutron crystallography of membrane proteins: Insights into production of deuterium-labelled OmpF. Swati Aggarwal, ESS

09:10 – 09:30 The effects of protein perdeuteration and in vitro refolding on hen egg-white lysozyme’s folding modes, structure and function. Joao Ramos, ILL

09:30 – 09:50 Ultrafast response of protein crystals to short, high-field terahertz pulses. Gergely Katona, University of Gothenburg

09:50 – 10:30 Coffee break

Chair: Tobias Krojer

10:30 – 10:50 Over 1000 crystals for hundreds of ideas – starting points for PPI modulator design via fragment screening. Jan Wollenhaupt, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

10:50 – 11:10 Novel antibiotic candidates – targeting the cell wall remodelling of M. tuberculosis. Robert Schnell, Karolinska Institutet

11:10 – 11:30 Discovery of fragments inducing conformational effects in acetylcholine binding protein. Helena Danielson, Uppsala Universitet

11:30 – 11:50 LP3, DEMAX and FragMAX– what we can achieve together. Wolfgang Knecht, Lund University

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch