1) Report back

In order to fulfill our obligation to the public and our funders, MAX IV and its users must provide complete reporting on the outcome of the beamtime, and publish results from work at MAX IV in form of papers and theses. MAX IV therefore requests that all relevant Publications are registered in DUO, as well as the mandatory Experimental Report, within three months after publication date/experiment.
For further information see our User Policies page.

2) Acknowledge MAX IV

When publishing any material arising from work carried out at MAX IV, do not forget to acknowledge MAX IV and our funders.

For further information see our User Policies page.

3) Give us your feedback

You will receive an email from our DUO system after you visit at MAX IV with a link to our feedback form. You can also find this by logging into DUO and clicking the “Visits & Feedback” link in the left hand menu.